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If we all knew where we were going, they never would have invented maps

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Birthdate:Jun 27
Location:Right outside of Boston, United States of America
Right now I'm just getting a handle on this, I'll be back, oh yes I will.

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1000 year old vikings, 24, 300, alexander skarsgard, alexander the great, ancient history, archaeology, back dimples, baseball, bbc, bbc america, beecher, big papi, bix beiderbecke, boston baseball, boston bruins, boston red sox, brent corrigan, brent everett, brian kinney, brian kinney's sleeveless shirts, brian kinney's sweater vests, brian/justin, cal arts, captain jack, captain jack harkness, cardiff, coach taylor, csi, daniel craig, david hewlett, david ortiz, deadwood, dean martin, desmond hume, doctor who, dustin pedroia, emo!jack, enforcers, epic poems, eric northman, eric szmanda, farscape, firefly, frank sinatra, friday night lights, gale harold, gale harold's hands, gale harold's legs, gambit, george eads, gerard butler, greatest show in baseball, greek mythology, greg sanders, gustav skarsgard, hard checking, hbo's oz, hephaistion, heroes, hiro, history, hot fast cars, hot guys kissing, hot swedish actors, hot timeagents, house, hustle, ianto, impossible baseball dreams, jack, jack benjamin, jack harkness, jack/ianto, jacoby ellsbury, jazz, joe flanigan, john barrowman, john barrowman's laugh, john frusciante, john sheppard, josh beckett, josh holloway, julian mcmahon, keller, kings, kyle chandler, life on mars, looch, lost, mal/inara, matt saracen, matthew fox, matthew fox's buzzcut, mckay, mckay/sheppard, mcshep, medium, milan lucic, milo ventimiglia, music, nathan fillion, nathan petrelli, nip/tuck, papelbon's crazy eyes, pearl jam, pete yorn, peter petrelli, qaf, radiohead, red hot chili peppers, rodney mckay, rome, sam rockwell, sammy davis jr., santiago cabrera, sawyer, sawyer's dimples, scifi fridays, scotland, sebastian stan, serenity, shaun, shaun/zach, shelter, stargate atlantis, stargate: atlantis, supernatural, surfing, swing music, sylar, taylor kitsch, texas, the blues, the matthew fox mangiggle, the rat pack, the red sox, tim riggins, torchwood, true blood, turtleturtle pedroia, u2, uptight teaboys in suits, viggo mortensen, worldserieschampions boston red sox, x-men, zach, zach gilford, zach/shaun, zachary quinto
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